about us

Source Leadership is a network with experienced professionals each excelling in their own field of expertise. Through working in a network, we create value for our customers. That is why we work together with a highly professional strategy and scenario development agency. Next to that our network consists of colleague trainers, coaches and consultant each with their own special professional skills.


Wim Bierman is a very passioned professional who was one of the founders of Source Leadership in 2009. He started his career working for AT&T in different roles, including the role of consultant and trainer. After 7 years he founded his own coaching and training agency called Soulstation and took part in a large number of educational programs on personal and team development, including Innerlinks, BBSH in New York, MBTI, Systemic Work, Chi Gong and Shamanistic Rituals. His drive is to inspire people, especially in their work life, to work and live from their purpose.


Daphne Prieckaerts studied public governance and commercial economics and worked in the field of communication and organization for years. The last couple of years she more and more focuses her work on team development, team coaching and individual coaching. She studied for 5 years at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami and is a certified MBTI trainer. Next to being a coach Daphne works as an energy healer from the energiepraktijk. energiepraktijk.


Marcus Bach Sorensen is born in Denmark and is currently living in England. His personal life story and diverse professional background in psychology, neuroscience, therapy and spirituality are a great source of inspiration. Marcus believes that all development and healing starts from an impulse inside ourselves. Within Source Leadership he facilitates leadership dialogues and one-to-one sessions.

Pieter-Hemels.jpegPieter Hemels has an extensive background in marketing, publishing and corporate strategy. He envisions future proof strategies. His most important goal is to create and manifest a different perspective for organizations, teams and individuals. His personal motto is ‘there is a different way’. Next to his consultancy agency
futureproof, he works on children’s rights in cooperation with the UN, Council of Europe and Kidsrights and he is highly driven to realize the Sustainable Development Goals.