‘in-company’ development

The world changes very rapidly and on an unprecedented scale. Pioneering technological developments, climate change, globalization, population growth and agedness create a continuously changing reality, challenging every organization in a major way. To formulate a strategy or a change is one, but really executing your strategy or manifesting the change is a huge challenge. The critical success factor is personal leadership development, because people bring a strategy to life and make up the soul of an organization. Good leaders connect their talents, purpose and ambition to the mission of their organization. Not only during an off-site, but every day again and again.

‘Purpose & Leadership Lab’

We are leadership developers. Based upon our experience we have developed our own way of working called the ‘Purpose & Leadership Lab’, In this ‘Lab’ we make sure that leaders connect to:

  • The core of their personality, with its professional and personal qualities, pitfalls, motifs and ‘purpose’;
  • Their most essential working relationships with the teams and people they cooperate with to achieve their strategy and purpose.
  • The purpose of their organization and their own area of responsibility.

When leaders and professionals go through this process together new relations, stronger connections and the drive to realize your higher purpose will grow. Teams that went through our leadership programs take more initiative and ownership. Visible in behavior and noticeable in results.

PwC ‘Purpose’: ‘Building trust in society and solving important problems.’
Since 2006 we offer an acknowledged and impactful contribution to the leadership development of PwC-partners by offering the in-company leadership programs ‘Focusing Experience’ & ‘Working and Living’.
We support the (international) partners and senior directors with structured, personal and professional reflection combined with intensive leadership dialogues. An essential program to reflect amidst their busy schedule. Participant gain energy and focus in their (personal) leadership and the roles they fulfill for clients and within the PwC organization.

klant-source-leadership-rabobankRabobank ‘Purpose’: ‘We substantially contribute to the well-being and prosperity in the Netherlands and the solution to world food problem.’
Rabobank is going through a fundamental transformation. Rabobank hires us to strengthen leadership teams and individual leaders to manifest their renewed strategy. Hierarchy becomes less important, leadership teams become smaller and focusing on the client’s needs is top priority. We worked for the local Rabobank offices, Alblasserwaard-Vijfheerenlanden, Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Gelderse Vallei, Utrecht en Vallei en Rijn.

klant-source-leadership-radboud-umcRadboud ‘Purpose’: ‘To have a significant impact on healthcare’
Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS)’ strongly values the development of personal leadership skills next to scientific development. For RIMLS we have developed two leadership programs for PhD-candidates in which we focus on learning personal development skills. ‘In the lead’ and ‘Within sight of my PhD’ offer PhD candidates fundamental reflection and personal leadership development in two different phases of their PhD trajectory. These highly valued international programs are a part of the institutes training curriculum since 2016.

klant-source-leadership-AdeccoAdecco ‘Purpose’: ‘To push boundaries. Challenge conformity. And deliver better futures.’
After a fundamental redesign of the organization the Adecco NL board decided to fundamentally invest in their leaders. In co-creation with Adecco we have developed and executed a leadership program for board member and operational leaders. The program promotes the development of authentic leadership and entrepreneurship. The program is very well received and initiates sustainable leadership development.