individual coaching

Individual leadership coaching offers you undivided attention, inspiration and feedback for your development from one of our coaches. We have more than 20 years of experience in leadership coaching. The coaching themes we have worked with are very diverse. These are some examples you can think of:

  • Substantially better performance in your present role
  • To work from ‘flow’ and your authentic qualities
  • To break a difficult habitual behavioral pattern 
  • To work from your purpose and what is essential for you
  • To maintain a better balance and lead from inner peace in times of stress.

If you are on a crossroad in your work or if you feel the need for a different balance between work-life and private life for instance due to a career change, we are very willing to help you be in the lead of the development of your career. 

Wim Bierman

I thoroughly enjoy the in-depth conversation with people. To meet each other in strength and vulnerability. I love to create a space for my clients in their often busy and demanding lives. I let my curiosity and genuine involvement lead the conversation. Using my strongly developed empathy and ability to see interrelationships I casually look for what made you into who you are now. The personal interpretations of important life events and also the early often subtle mental programs create your unique character. By doing so I awaken you for your authentic talent and responsibility that comes with it. I always put your development themes into this bigger perspective.

Personal Leadership is my passion and the result of my own quest as a man and professional. You might not be busy with reflecting on your personal leadership on a daily basis, but still personal leadership counts every day. I love to be your travelling companion for a while.

We do individual leadership coaching for ABN Amro, Inbo, PwC, Rabobank and RadboudUMC, amongst other companies.