‘leadership trail’

Come and join me? Truly grant yourself the time to reflect on your personal development and to gain new energy. Together with your coach you reflect upon your career or leadership theme. You will get new insights and reconnect with who you want to be and what drives from you from your core. You take time to think about what role and responsibility you aspire for in the coming years.

In three steps, with a couple of weeks in between the steps, you will walk around on three meaningful places. You will get the undivided attention from you guide, an experienced expert in personal leadership development.

A challenging and for you individually selected set of questions and homework assignments create focus and depth. During the third and last walk you will receive a personal letter that gives you insights in and advise on how to create a breakthrough in your personal leadership. You will give yourself a challenging yet practical assignment to manifest this new perspective. Shall we?

Stage 1
You will revisit your birth ground. This place symbolizes that what shaped you into the person and professional you now are. Where do you originate from? Who and what shaped you? What authentic talents and qualities have you learned here? For what are you grateful? What do you need to leave behind?

Stage 2
You will walk on an inspiring place symbolizing your deepest inner drive and what you want to give back to the world as a person and as a professional (your purpose). What are your dreams for your future role, assignment, position? What makes you confident and what makes you insecure?

What will be your contribution?

Stage 3
You will walk on a place that brings you inner peace. This place symbolizes your inner and practical preparations needed for your next step. What concrete step will you take? What do you need to let go of to look with a different and fresh view? What do you need to do to manifest this?

At the end you will receive a personal letter from your guide articulating his feedback and personal advice.

Inner peace, reflection, more confidence and focus.

You will gain awareness on what makes you unique, you will deepen the connection to your destiny and gain energy to make the necessary concrete steps in your career and (personal) leadership.