Personal Leadership at the heart of everything

To formulate an organizational strategy is one, but to really execute that strategy can be a big challenge. As people make up the soul of an organization and bring her strategy to life, personal leadership is a critical success factor. Good leaders connect their talents, purpose, and ambition to the mission of their organization. Not only during an off-site, but every single day again and again. Personal leadership is about growing as a leader while facing challenges, it’s about building trust in teams to create synergy, and it’s an entrance to changing an organizations cultural dynamic.

The process of personal leadership development equals the uncovering of our authentic self since our early life experiences shape our identity and the unique patterns that govern our behaviour. To face challenges in this rapidly changing world, we need to grow our consciousness and expand our behavioural repertoire. The fruit of that process is a deeper connection to what fundamentally inspires us.

Source Leadership works for organizations that see their people as a differentiating factor. Our clientele consists of several large (multinational) corporations as well as a variety of small and medium sized organizations. In all assignments, we create space for the often-overlooked process of reflection, asking the people involved crucial questions about themselves and the context they live and work in. Sometimes, dwelling upon the right question is more important than finding an immediate answer. Next, we share our insights and discuss possible actions, challenging and supporting the people involved to move beyond their individual and collective growing edge for the optimal effect. Our services include Individual Leadership Coaching, Executive Team Coaching, and (in company) Leadership Programs.