(in-company) Leadership Program

(in-company) Leadership Program

      Leadership Development Programs consist of a systematic process of training and coaching in which participants acquire knowledge and skills that contribute to their individual functioning and hence, to the organisations’ performance. These programs strengthen the relationship amongst participants and if repeated over time, help the organisation to develop common knowledge, skills, language, and attitude, enhancing the corporate culture. Source Leadership offers three types of in-company Leadership Programs:

      1. Career-phase programs; for example
        • a young leader’s program for PhD candidates around the age of 25-30 in a research institute to introduce them to ‘soft skills’ development.
        • a senior management program for executives around the age of 45-50 in a consultancy firm to create focus on the next phase in their career.
        • a senior executive program for executives around the age of 55-60 in a consultancy firm to support their transition to the final stage of their career.

      These programs are repetitive, scheduled multiple times per year, and part of the client’s larger management development curriculum.

      1. Peer group learning; for example
      • a peer group for director/owners of family businesses to discuss challenging business issues in relation to their personality and reflect on alternative actions.
      • a peer group for senior partners of a consultancy firm to support and educate them in their capacity as performance evaluators and coaches in their respective teams.

      These programs are ongoing with groups meeting regularly, and repetitive as new groups are formed over time.

      1. Leadership programs; for example
        • A tailor made, one year leadership program for the management of a large bank involving three management layers, to increase the collective leadership impact by training soft skills, coaching awareness of individual’s role in the collective task, aligning leadership efforts across levels and teams.
        • A tailor made, one year leadership program for the management of a large service organisation involving two management layers, to instigate a cultural change to increase the company’s efficiency in a highly competitive market.

      Development process

      All our in-company programs are developed in cooperation with HR and/or Management Development and the involved Business Management, usually in a joint team. In the first stage of the development process, the team performs intakes to investigate the development needs. Next, we brainstorm to investigate possible components and design a program that meets required results as well as time and budget constraints. Then, we build the coaching team. The larger and the more international the program, the more trainers and coaches will be involved. Concerning the topic of personal leadership, Source Leadership contributes to the design, organisation and execution of such programs.