Individual Leadership Coaching

Individual Leadership Coaching

In addition to knowledge and skills, the primary discerning factor in leadership is our personality: the pattern of feelings, thoughts, and actions through which a person responds to signals from the environment. We are all unique; no person is equal to another, at most comparable. Whereas character is considered congenital, our personality is shaped through our upbringing and education and further develops through life experiences. By awareness of our personality and development of those traits that are currently counterproductive, professionals can increase their impact. To those ready to look in the mirror, Source Leadership offers Individual Leadership Coaching, a series of individual sessions in which we reflect on your past to understand who you are today, analyse situations in your present environment, and discuss your attitude and behaviour so you can experiment with new behaviour in the outside world.


The coaching process

The coaching process starts with your individual learning goal: the situation you find yourself in professionally, and the personality traits you wish to develop. What is the reason you picked up the phone to make this appointment? What is the reason you are willing to put in the time and effort? Often, the reason for coaching did not appear out of the blue; clients usually know very well what they’d like to work on, but often don’t know where to begin. That is where we come in. In the first phase of a coaching process, we focus on awareness by exploring your past. Who and what shaped you? What patterns and beliefs determine your attitude and behaviour? Through conversation, 360 degrees feedback, biographical work, and constellations, you will learn to understand the origin of your coaching question. The work will give you awareness of your defence mechanisms as well as your natural talents, and affect you on an emotional, rational, and behavioural level. In the second phase of the process, we translate the acquired personal growth into action. We discuss current situations in which you can apply the work from the first phase of the coaching process and evaluate your experiences. That is where the actual leadership development takes hold.


Time and location

For new clients, a coaching process starts with an intake interview and five follow-up sessions, scheduled in mutual consultation. After five sessions, we evaluate the coaching process and determine whether more coaching is desirable. For existing clients, we offer ‘on-call’ meetings for regular, longer term reflection sessions. In most cases, we work from our office in Austerlitz, for either ‘face to face’ or online sessions. On-site coaching is also possible, if desired.